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At the Center for Jewish Studies, we are dedicated to exploring the important questions about Jewish history and culture from antiquity to the modern age. Our acclaimed faculty, path-breaking research, expanding undergraduate program, and focus on deepening ties within the University attest to the success and ongoing promise of our mission: to foster a new understanding of Jewish culture and history.

We support the academic study of the historical, cultural, linguistic, ethnic, geographic, and religious diversity of the full range of peoples who identify themselves as Jewish, while fulfilling the educational mission of the liberal arts to promote critical thought, reflection on values, and analysis of sources.


Spring 2016 Travel Grant Winners


Bruno Chaouat, Professor of French & Italian
"N'importe ou hors du monde: Gnostic Sparks in Louis-Ferdinand Celine's Voyage"
-presented at the Contemporary French Studies Conference

Leslie Morris
, Professor of German & Jewish Studies 
"She Did Not Speak" 
- presented at New Directions

Michael Cherlin, Professor of Music & Composition 
"Utopian Listening: A Workshop on Lugi Nono's Late Electroacoustic Works"

Michelle HamiltonProfessor of Spanish and Portuguese 
"The Importance of Ryan Szpiech's monograph, Narratives of Conversion: Reading and Religious Authority in Medieval Polemic to the field of Spanish Studies" 
- presented at the International Congress on Medieval Studies

Spring 2016 Events Poster

Spring 2016 Events Poster